Médecine Française Londres has been a registered organization with the French Consulate in London since 1990. Comprised of French-speaking medical professionals living in London, Médecine Francaise Londres includes general practitioners (GPs), various specialists, dentists, and para-medical practitioners.

Providing consultations in private surgeries and/or hospitals, our dedicated practitioners liaise closely with both the public (NHS) and private sectors, enabling them to organise and oversee all necessary hospitalisations and medical or surgical interventions. Please refer to each practitioner in regard to home visits.

To make an appointment, please contact each practitioner directly.

For consultation fees, please contact each practitioner directly.

Some Health Insurance Plans cover private health care costs. Please contact you Health Insurance provider for details of coverage.

In an Emergency:

In case of a medical emergency you can:

  • Contact your doctor.
  • Go directly to the “Accident & Emergency” unit of your nearest NHS hospital.
  • Dial 999 to talk to emergency services (Fire Brigade, Police and Ambulance service). Be prepared to request the service you need as well as provide your name and address.
  • Contact "NHS Direct" for further instructions at 0845 46 47.
For more detailed information about each of our practitioners please select a name from our introductory page.


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